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There has been a visible shift in the healthcare industry towards using something that is natural and effective. Cannabis has emerged as a perfect option that works wonders for health. It’s backed by scientific evidence which proves that the herb is an effective option for managing multiple health conditions. This makes it a top choice among people and they are increasingly trusting cannabis to enhance their health. As a top 420 clinic in Montebello, we have the certified cannabis doctors who can provide you with the right line of treatment. We assure you that with our guidance, you’ll find the right solution to your health problems.

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In order to get a medical marijuana card, you need to undergo a 420 evaluation. The process is easy and our staff ensures you receive active support at each step.

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Start by filling a simple application form. Just enter your basic details including information about your health history. Our clinic will go through your details and introduce you to a certified doctor.


A board-certified cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to have a better understanding of your health. This step is important to check if you have a qualifying medical condition.

Receive Recommendation

If you qualify, you are eligible to own a medical marijuana card in Montebello. We send the recommendation via email and ship the hard copy as per your request. Our team ensures you get the quickest access.

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As a leading 420 clinic, we have closely observed the growth of the cannabis industry. This enables us to provide you with an accurate solution to your health issues. We understand that living with a chronic health condition can be really challenging. Considering the same, we use cannabis as a medium to bring a positive change in your health. Our cannabis doctors are highly certified and have helped hundreds of patients in the past. Similarly, we can evaluate and diagnose the root cause of your health problem. Using that information, we can figure out a strain of cannabis that can work in reducing the symptoms of your health condition. Along with that, our doctors will detect a dose that can offer maximum impact and enhance your health effectively. In case you have any doubts about the process, we encourage you to ask the relevant questions. We take every possible measure to ensure you receive full support in this journey towards good health.

Benefits of Medical Cannabis Card

Having an MMJ Card is not just about accessing cannabis. It opens a whole new world of benefits that make your life easier and more manageable.

More Savings

With a medical marijuana card, you can save more. Recreational users have to pay taxes that makes cannabis more expensive for them. Well, the same does not hold for MMJ cardholders. They save up to 25% on cannabis expenditure as they don’t have to pay all the taxes.

Wider Access

Through a medical marijuana card, you can access a wider range of products. For recreational users, there are only limited options available but the same does not hold for MMJ cardholders. They have access to better variety and more potent products.

You can possess more

Recreational users can possess only up to 1oz of cannabis. Well, with a cannabis card, you can expand that limit to 8oz, which is 8 times what recreational users get. The fact that you can possess more means you ensure a longer supply for your health.

Higher Grow Limit

With a cannabis card, you can grow up to 100 square feet of cannabis plants and use the produce to manage your health condition. This is much greater than recreational users, who can grow only 6 plants.

Legal Access

If you have a medical marijuana card, you have the legal right to access cannabis. This means that the law protects your right to possess, grow, and travel with cannabis. You can use cannabis freely without the danger of being arrested.

Lower Age Limit

Recreational users need to be at least 21 years of age to earn the right to use cannabis. Well, with a medical marijuana recommendation, you can reduce that limit to 18 years based on your health requirement.

The road to legalization was not easy

Presently, you can access cannabis easily. Well, a large part of the credit goes to the legalization process. Initially, it was pretty tough. The efforts to legalize cannabis started in the early 1970s when the first ballot initiative was attempted (Proposition 19). It was unsuccessful but the movement continued. It was eventually in 1996 when the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Proposition 215) legalized medical cannabis in California. This was a huge victory for patients battling chronic health conditions. The fact that it was legalized meant that people could use cannabis without facing any problem from the cops. This was further made easier by the inclusion of telemedicine. It ensured that prospective medical marijuana users could undergo 420 evaluations without the need of physically visiting a clinic. This made everything a lot easier and patients could interact with certified cannabis doctors for their treatment. Well, legalization was not just limited to medical cannabis. In November 2016, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) legalized recreational cannabis. This was a welcome move for all and cannabis has evolved to become much more acceptable. As a 420 clinic, we use our clinical expertise to gift our patients the power of good health through cannabis.

Use 420 Evaluation to your advantage


We understand that health is an utmost priority for people. Thankfully, cannabis is a brilliant medium to manage multiple health conditions. If you haven’t used cannabis before, you might not be confident about following the right approach towards using it effectively. Well, we house the experts with years of experience and they possess the knowledge of the herb to help you use it the right way. Before you proceed to that step, it’s important that you make the most of the 420 evaluation. That’s because it’s a process that identifies if you’re eligible to use cannabis for your health. Our doctors screen your health to check if you have a qualifying medical condition. If you qualify, you get your recommendation, which can be used to purchase cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. When you’re undergoing the evaluation, it’s important that you are transparent about your health. This makes the analysis better and your chances of receiving better treatment increases. Along with that, feel free to ask questions from our doctors. They can clarify your doubts and help you dose effectively.

Common Questions

If you qualify, you can get the card within minutes. We send the digital copy to your email and ship the hard copy on the same day.
Yes, our clinic operates on a HIPAA compliant telemedicine software that keeps all your data safe and secure. We value your privacy and take the necessary steps to ensure it.
Contact us 30 days before your card expiry. We evaluate your health progress and provide you with the renewal based on your assessment.
Yes, glaucoma falls under the list of qualifying conditions for getting a cannabis recommendation. Contact us for further details about the evaluation process.

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